BEWAI IDP – Documents in, Decision out!

Bewai is an Intelligent Document Processing solution that automates the recognition and data extraction from various types of documents. It is powered by ultra-performance AI, enabling the quick and accurate analysis of client files. With its ready-to-use features, Bewai eliminates the need for template configuration, making it suitable for industries such as banking, brokerage, insurance, and government entities.

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how to use:
To use Bewai, simply upload your documents in any format, such as PDFs, scans, or photos, without the need for predefined templates. The advanced AI algorithms automatically recognize and categorize over 30 different types of documents with a 97% recognition rate. It also assists in splitting and reassembling documents from multiple sources in a single file. The solution automatically extracts and qualifies key information, allowing for instant data simulations and CRM integration. Users can access Bewai through the user-friendly web interface, which supports drag and drop document loading, efficient PDF viewing, and customizable UX. The platform is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, requiring no installation and offering multi-user access. API integration with existing systems is also supported.
Core freatures:
Automated recognition of all types of documentsSplitting and reassembling of documentsAutomatic extraction and qualification of informationIntuitive and user-friendly interfaceSupport for various file formatsCompatibility with multiple industries and document categoriesProductivity gains through time-saving automationCollaborative features for efficient teamworkDocument control and traceabilitySecure cloud infrastructure
Use case:

Banking: Streamline document processing for loan applications

Insurance: Automate claims processing and policy management

Government: Expedite document analysis for public services

Financial Services: Accelerate client onboarding and compliance processes

Real Estate: Simplify document management for property transactions

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