Beepo is a blockchain-powered privacy and decentralization solution for people and enterprises. It is a blockchain-based social media platform that allows users to freely engage in free speech, make secure financial transactions, and find new friends. Beepo also offers wallet integration for instant money transfers.

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how to use:
To create a Beepo profile, simply enter a username and click the ‘create’ button. After creating an account, users should back up their Seed Phrase for account recovery. Beepo provides a decentralized wallet for purchasing, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. Users can communicate privately with others through 1:1 chats and groups. They can share moments with friends and family through video and still images. Beepo also offers business features for small-scale businesses such as sales catalog creation and direct sales with clients within the app. Users can send and receive payments anywhere in the world using Beepo’s non-custodial wallet.
Core freatures:
Beepo respects personal information and data security needs, allowing users to create memories, have meaningful conversations, and complete secure financial transactions.Beepo provides a non-custodial blockchain wallet with complete control and access to multiple blockchain networks.Beepo offers specialized business features ideal for small-scale businesses, including sales catalog creation and direct sales with clients within the app.Users can transfer funds to friends and family directly from the app’s Direct Messages section.Beepo’s integrated Dapps Browser allows users to safely and privately browse and interact with decentralized applications.Beepo’s user interface aims to provide an intuitive and easy-to-learn experience for all users.Beepo uses end-to-end encryption to keep conversations secured from third parties.Beepo allows private messaging through 1:1 chats, group conversations, and public groups.Users can share their exciting moments with friends and family through video and still images that can be viewed for 24 hours.Beepo allows businesses to list their goods and services for sale and transact with customers.Beepo enables users to send and receive payments anywhere in the world, right from their chat.Beepo’s non-custodial wallet supports multiple blockchain protocols for instant and simple transactions.Users can easily send payments to their Beepo contacts without the need for wallet addresses.Beepo’s application programming interfaces make it simple to incorporate Beepo’s functionalities into other applications.Beepo prioritizes speed and ease of use, providing quick access to the open-source API and codes.Beepo ensures maximum performance and security with its double-layer end-to-end encryption solution.
Use case:

Beepo provides a privacy-focused social space where users can share moments with friends and family securely, own their data without signing up or sharing personal information, and feel safe sharing sensitive information with close friends and family.

Beepo offers specialized business features, such as sales catalog creation and direct sales with clients within the app, for small-scale businesses to enhance their customer experience and facilitate simple and secure transactions.

With Beepo’s non-custodial wallet and support for multiple blockchain protocols, users can easily buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in a risk-free and decentralized manner.

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