Bardeen is an AI automation platform that allows users to automate their repetitive tasks. It offers integrations with popular apps and provides pre-built playbooks to streamline workflows.

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how to use:
To use, users can create custom workflows using the building blocks provided by the platform. They can also extract data from websites directly into their web apps and sheets using the Scraper feature. Additionally, offers pre-built automations called Playbooks and Autobooks that users can explore and customize to meet their specific needs.
Core freatures:
Builder: Create custom workflows with building blocksScraper: Extract data from any website into web apps and sheetsIntegrations: Explore integrations with various appsPlaybooks: Pre-built automations for specific use casesAutobooks: Automations triggered by events or time
Use case:

Sales & Prospecting: Build prospect lists, enhance CRM, and streamline personalized outreach

Recruiting: Source and qualify candidates faster using platforms like LinkedIn and Github

Data Research: Extract data from websites directly into spreadsheets and apps

Meetings: Automate notifications, join meetings, send reminders, and schedule

Marketing: Streamline lead generation process and data extraction for faster growth

Product Development: Create, manage, and find tasks faster with team notifications

Personal Productivity: Automate repetitive tasks to focus on creative work

Miscellaneous: Bardeen offers endless use cases; users can build their own custom workflows

FAQ list:
How does work? What kind of tasks can I automate with Can I integrate with other apps? Is free? Where can I find tutorials and resources to get started with


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