Axiom is a platform that allows users to build browser bots without the need for coding. It enables users to automate various website actions and repetitive tasks using just their browser on any website or web app.

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how to use:
1. Install the Axiom Chrome Extension.2. Pin Axiom to the Chrome Toolbar and click on the icon to open and close.3. Customize and build your own bots or use pre-existing templates.4. Automate actions like clicking and typing in any website.5. Run the bots manually or schedule them to run at specific times.6. Integrate with Zapier to trigger the bots based on external events.
Core freatures:
Visual Web ScrapingData EntrySpreadsheet AutomationAutomate any websiteBuild custom bots with no-codeConnect to Zapier, Integromat or Webhooks
Use case:

Web scraping

Automating repetitive tasks

Data entry and spreadsheet automation

FAQ list:


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