Avoma ?C AI Meeting Assistant

Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant that automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes every meeting to provide actionable Conversation Intelligence. It is a platform for working remotely and offers a variety of features to enhance meeting productivity and improve revenue growth.

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how to use:
1. Schedule meetings instantly with the Meeting Scheduler tool.
2. Prepare for meetings in seconds using Agenda Templates.
3. Join meetings and let Avoma automatically record and transcribe the conversations.
4. Take collaborative notes in real-time during the meeting using the Collaborative Note Editor.
5. After the meeting, review AI-generated Notes and Topics for key insights.
6. Utilize Conversation & Revenue Intelligence features such as Snippets, Comments, and Playlists to share and analyze important moments.
Core freatures:
AI Meeting AssistantAuto Meeting RecordingMeeting TranscriptionAI Generated NotesLive BookmarkingAugmented NotesSpeaker IdentificationTopic DetectionKeyword TrackingMeeting CollaborationMeeting SchedulingShared Agenda TemplatesCollaborative Note EditorGlobal Transcription SearchSnippetsPlaylistsConversation & Revenue IntelligenceActivity DashboardInteraction IntelligenceCompetitor IntelligenceTopic IntelligenceScorecards & CoachingDeal Intelligence
Use case:

Sales Leaders

Sales Enablement

Sales Managers

SDR Leaders

Account Executives

Customer Success Leaders

Customer Success Managers

Marketing Managers

Engineering Managers

Remote Teams

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