AVA is a powerful AI that can be accessed from your favorite messaging apps, offering a smarter and more efficient way of living. It seamlessly integrates everything you need into your messaging apps, saving you time and hassle.

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how to use:
To use AVA, simply log in to the platform and start harnessing the power of AI from your favorite messaging apps. You can then message AVA on WhatsApp or Telegram to access its features, such as summarizing YouTube videos, transcribing and translating voice messages, and scheduling reminders.
Core freatures:
Summarize YouTube VideosTranscribe and Translate Voice MessagesSchedule Reminders100+ Trillion Machine Learning Parameters
Use case:

Enhancing productivity at work

Improving mindfulness and emotional understanding

Assisting with cooking recipes

Acting as a smart full-time assistant

Becoming a superhuman in various aspects of life

FAQ list:


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