AutoUnsubscribe is a service that automatically unsubscribes you from unwanted emails that you never open, allowing you to focus on important emails and saving you time and effort.

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how to use:
To use AutoUnsubscribe, simply connect your email account (compatible with most popular email services) using your email provider’s IMAP settings. Once connected, AutoUnsubscribe will monitor your inbox and flag subscriptions that reach an unread threshold for automatic unsubscribing. You will receive an email notification with the list of flagged emails and the option to add any subscriptions to your Keep List before AutoUnsubscribe unsubscribes from them automatically.
Core freatures:
Automatically unsubscribe from unwanted emails you never openRetain important subscriptions using the Keep List featureGenuine unsubscribe links provided for permanent removal from sender’s listOne-click unsubscribe from the dashboardWarnings and options to keep subscriptions before unsubscribingPrivacy-focused with no reading or storing of email contentSupports all email providers compatible with IMAP
Use case:

Clearing and organizing your inbox by removing irrelevant emails

Saving time and effort by focusing only on important emails

Avoiding accidentally unsubscribing from important subscriptions

Effortlessly unsubscribing from emails with just one click

Maintaining privacy and data security while managing email subscriptions

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