Auto-save your favs from Discover Weekly

Best of Discover Weekly is an app that automatically tracks and saves your favorite new music from your Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. It allows you to never miss a beat and discover new music effortlessly.

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how to use:
To use Best of Discover Weekly, simply login with your Spotify account. The app will intelligently sense the tracks you like from your Discover Weekly playlist and save them for you. There is no need for manual configuration or liking songs. The app runs in the background and does all the work for you.
Core freatures:
Automatic tracking and saving of favorite new music from Spotify Discover WeeklyListening stats to see how long you listened to tracksAnalytics on your listening history within Discover WeeklyWeekly digest email with analytics and top songsAbility to share your listening stats and top tracks with friendsLeaderboards to compete with friends and see who listens to the most tracks
Use case:

Discovering new music from Discover Weekly

Keeping track of your favorite tracks from Discover Weekly

Monitoring your listening habits and engagement with Discover Weekly

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