Audioread is a platform that converts articles, PDFs, emails, and other text-based content into audio format. It utilizes ultra-realistic AI voices to provide a seamless listening experience.

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how to use:
To use Audioread, simply upload or input the desired text content into the platform. Select the preferred AI voice and generate the audio. You can then listen to the converted content using your podcast app or browser. This allows you to multitask and listen to the material while engaging in other activities like exercising, cooking, or commuting.
Core freatures:
Text-to-speech conversionUltra-realistic AI voicesCompatibility with podcast apps and browsersAbility to convert various text formats (articles, PDFs, emails)Hands-free listening while engaging in other activities
Use case:

Multitasking while listening to articles or emails during exercises or workouts

Listening to PDFs or articles while cooking or engaging in hands-on activities

Making commuting time productive by consuming text-based content as audio

Converting online articles or blog posts into podcast episodes for easy listening

FAQ list:
What types of text-based content can Audioread convert? Can I choose different AI voices for the audio conversion? Can I listen to the audio content using my podcast app? Is Audioread suitable for multitasking?


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