Assisterr is an AI-powered platform that bridges the gap between global brands and top open-source talents worldwide. It facilitates limitless open-source collaboration by uniting these talents in a harmonious dance of creativity and shared purpose.

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how to use:
To use Assisterr, global brands can create an account and onboard their open-source initiatives onto the platform. They can then leverage AI-powered tools such as the LLM Training Infrastructure to create a single knowledge base that updates automatically. Assisterr also provides an AI Co-pilot to streamline the process of developer onboarding and support. Brands can analyze contribution efficiency through Data & Insights and incentivize and reward the developer community through DEV Quests. By aligning their efforts with project needs, global brands can revolutionize their open-source initiatives using Assisterr.
Core freatures:
AI-powered platformLLM Training InfrastructureAI Co-pilotData & InsightsDEV Quests
Use case:

Global brands seeking top open-source talents for collaboration

Creating a single knowledge base that updates automatically

Streamlining developer onboarding and support

Analyzing contribution efficiency and making data-driven decisions

Incentivizing and rewarding the developer community while aligning their efforts with project needs

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