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Applitools is an AI-powered visual testing & monitoring platform that offers a next-generation test automation platform powered by Visual AI. It helps to increase quality, accelerate delivery, and reduce costs in testing processes.

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how to use:
To use Applitools, follow these steps:
1. Integrate Applitools with your preferred test framework such as Cypress, Selenium, or Appium.
2. Use the Applitools SDKs and Integrations to test across web, mobile, and desktop apps, as well as PDFs and other documents.
3. Take advantage of features like Ultrafast Grid for rapid cross-browser testing, Eyes for UI validation, and Execution Cloud for self-healing test infrastructure.
4. Automate test review and maintenance with intelligent auto-maintenance and utilize Root Cause Analysis to fix bugs quicker.
5. Validate visual accessibility to ensure compliance with visual aspects of the user interface.
6. Enjoy the benefits of increased test coverage, reduced test maintenance, and improved confidence in test results.
Core freatures:
Visual AIUltrafast Test CloudExecution CloudUltrafast GridCross Browser TestingUI ValidationAuto-maintenanceRoot Cause AnalysisVisual Accessibility Testing
Use case:

Web Testing

Mobile Testing

Storybook Testing

PDF Testing

Visual Testing

Functional Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Responsive Design Testing

Localization Testing

Compliance Testing

Accessibility Testing

Codeless Testing

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