Altered is a professional AI voice changer software and service provider. It offers a unique technology that allows users to change their voice to any of its carefully curated AI voices, enabling them to create compelling professional voice-driven performances.

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how to use:
To use Altered, follow these steps:
1. Sign up or sign in to your Altered Studio account.
2. Access the Voice Editor tool.
3. Choose from the available AI voices.
4. Apply voice effects and modifications to customize your voice.
5. Use the output voice in your media projects or performances.
Core freatures:
Altered Studio Voice Editor
Influencer Voice Actor

Use case:

Use Altered for:
1. Media projects requiring different voice styles.
2. Professional voice-driven performances.
3. Adding unique voices to animations or games.

FAQ list:
Can I try Altered Studio for free? How many AI voices are available in Altered Studio? Can I customize the AI voices in Altered Studio? Can I use the altered voices in my media projects?


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