Alta is a platform that allows users to quickly build AI chatbots, websites, and mobile apps without coding. It offers no-code tools to design apps, sync data, and publish on web, iOS, and Android. With Alta, users can create personalized and intuitive AI-powered applications.

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how to use:
To use Alta, follow these steps:
1. Sign up for an account on Alta’s website.
2. Design your app screens using the web canvas and drag-and-drop components.
3. Create dynamic tables to store your app data and map it to your app screens.
4. Personalize your app with your logo, branding, and desired fonts.
5. Analyze your app’s performance and optimize the user experience with real-time data.
6. Publish your app on web, iOS, and Android platforms.
7. Use Alta’s no-code tools to make updates and improvements to your app as needed.
Core freatures:
Build AI chatbots, websites, and mobile apps without codingDesign app screens using drag-and-drop componentsCreate dynamic tables to store and map app dataPersonalize apps with logo, branding, and fontsReal-time data analytics for optimizing user experiencePublish apps on web, iOS, and Android platforms
Use case:

AI chatbots

Website development

Mobile app development

FAQ list:


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