Align is a mental health app that aims to help individuals build and maintain good mental health through their lifestyle choices.

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how to use:
To use the Align app, simply download it from the provided link and install it on your smartphone. Upon opening the app, you will be guided through a personalized quiz that evaluates your current lifestyle choices. Based on your responses, the app will generate a tailored blueprint that provides steps, tips, and context on how to improve your mental wellbeing. The app also includes a daily tracker to help you stay accountable and make positive changes to your lifestyle.
Core freatures:
Personalized quiz to evaluate lifestyle choicesTailored blueprints with steps and tips to improve mental wellbeingDaily tracker for accountability and progress monitoring
Use case:

Individuals looking to improve their mental wellbeing

Those seeking guidance on how to align their lifestyle with their biology

People in need of a simplified approach to understanding the impact of lifestyle choices on mental health

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