AlgoDocs is an AI-powered web-based platform that provides fast, secure, and accurate data extraction from PDF documents and scanned images. It automates document-based workflows and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

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how to use:
To use AlgoDocs, follow these steps:
1. Create extracting rules to specify the fields or tables you want to extract.
2. Upload your PDF documents or scanned images using the AlgoDocs UI, API, or email integration.
3. Export the extracted data to Excel or send it to accounting software or other integrations.
Core freatures:
AI-powered data extraction from PDF and scanned documentsReal-time extraction of dataAbility to extract specific fields or tablesExport extracted data to Excel or other integrationsAutomate document-based workflowsHigh OCR accuracy resultsText extraction using Artificial Intelligence and Self-Learning Algorithms
Use case:

Extracting data from PDF invoices, scanned invoices, price lists, payrolls, bank statements, sales orders, generated reports, HR forms, product catalogs, and purchase orders

Automating the extraction of data from bank statements, financial statements, HR forms, receipts, sales and purchase orders, price lists, and reports

Customizable extraction rules for various document types and formats

Efficient indexing and data extraction for legal document processing

Processing a large volume of documents for business operations

Automating data extraction for financial analysis and reporting

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