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AI Excel Tools is a set of advanced data visualization and AI tools designed for Excel and Google Sheets users to optimize workflows. It includes tools like the Excel Formula Generator, Excel Formula Explainer, Google Apps Script Generator, Excel VBA Script Explainer, and more. These tools leverage artificial intelligence to help users automate tasks, generate formulas, explain code, translate files, and improve efficiency in spreadsheet work.

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how to use:
To use AI Excel Tools, users can sign up for a free account and access the tools via the website or Excel add-in. The Excel Formula Generator allows users to translate text into formulas by inputting the desired text and generating the corresponding formula. The Excel Formula Explainer helps users understand Excel formulas by analyzing and explaining the syntax. The Google Apps Script Generator generates scripts based on user requirements, while the Excel VBA Script Explainer provides explanations for Excel VBA code. The Google Sheets Formula Generator translates text into formulas for Google Sheets, while the Google Apps Script Explainer explains scripts using AI. The Excel File Translator translates Excel files faster, and the Formula and Script Library allows users to save and collaborate on formulas and scripts. The Excel Template Generator creates downloadable Excel files from keywords, and the Excel Add-in integrates AI tools directly into Excel spreadsheets. The Virtual AI Assistant provides advanced help with spreadsheets.
Core freatures:
Excel Formula GeneratorExcel Formula ExplainerGoogle Apps Script GeneratorExcel VBA Script ExplainerGoogle Sheets Formula GeneratorGoogle Apps Script ExplainerExcel File TranslatorFormula And Script LibraryExcel Template GeneratorExcel Add-inVirtual AI Assistant
Use case:

Generate Excel formulas and scripts faster

Understand and explain Excel formulas and VBA code

Translate text into formulas and scripts

Collaborate on formulas and scripts

Translate Excel files quickly

Create downloadable Excel files from keywords

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