AiPrice is an API service that allows you to calculate the estimated cost of your prompt that will be sent to the OpenAI API. It counts the tokens and applies the pricing according to the OpenAI pricing plans. All costs are just an estimate.

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how to use:
To use AiPrice, sign up with your email to receive your API key. Then, make a POST request to ‘’ with the following parameters: ‘model’ (select the OpenAI model), ‘content’ (enter your prompt). The API will return the calculation of the prompt token count and the corresponding pricing.
Core freatures:
AiPrice offers the following core features:
– Token count calculation: Count the tokens in a given prompt.
– Pricing estimation: Get an estimate of the cost based on OpenAI’s pricing plans.
Use case:

AiPrice is useful for OpenAI API users who want to estimate the cost of their prompt before making the API call.

FAQ list:
How accurate is the AI Pricing Calculator? Is AiPrice free? Who should use AiPrice? What models are supported?


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