Aigur is a platform that makes it incredibly easy to build multi-user Generative AI based applications. It handles requests, user plans, and security for you.

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how to use:
To use Aigur, you can start by signing up for free. Once signed up, you can manage and monitor your users’ usage plans, build your application’s backend logic using a visual editor, develop the frontend with Aigur’s prebuilt AI-focused component library, and integrate with popular Generative AI engines using predefined integrations. Aigur also offers enforcement strategies to keep your application secure. You can scale your application by adding new instances using the dashboard or API, and gain insights into your business with automatic analytics.
Core freatures:
Easy management of user plans and usageVisual backend logic editorPrebuilt AI-focused component library for frontend developmentSimple API for managing user flowsPredefined integrations with popular Generative AI enginesCustomizable pipelines for backend logicEnforcement strategies for application securityPremade UI componentsScalability and load balancingAutomatic analyticsRequest history and rerun functionality
Use case:

Aigur can be used for various multi-user Generative AI based applications, such as chatbots, content generation, recommendation systems, creative AI projects, and more.

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