AI Text Assistant

AI Text Assistant is an advanced AI-powered text analysis and summarization tool. It utilizes GPT-4 technology developed by OpenAI to analyze and summarize large texts quickly and accurately. The tool also includes features like automatic text summarization, intelligent comment generation, and customizable settings.

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how to use:
To use AI Text Assistant, simply install the browser extension and obtain your personal API key from your OpenAI account. Once connected, you can start summarizing large texts by adjusting the text length and summary ratio according to your preference. You can also generate unique and high-quality comments related to your texts. AI Text Assistant is designed to enhance your productivity and revolutionize your workflow.
Core freatures:
Automatic Text SummarizationIntelligent Comment GenerationCustomizable SettingsPowered by GPT-4 TechnologyPersonal API Key UsageEasy and Secure API Key Management
Use case:

Content Creators & Writers

Students & Academics

Marketers & Communication Pros

Journalists & Editors

Business Analysts & Managers

Educators & Teachers

FAQ list:
What is Automatic Text Summarization? How does Intelligent Comment Generation work? What are the customizable settings in AI Text Assistant? How do I connect my OpenAI account and use my personal API key? Is my API key secure in AI Text Assistant? Is trial option available? Does AI Text Assistant collect any personal data?


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