Affable is an influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies. It helps them find relevant influencers, manage influencer campaigns, and track the return on investment (ROI) of those campaigns. The platform provides verified influencers, advanced analytics, and tools to ensure brand safety.

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how to use:
To use Affable, brands and agencies can start by finding influencers using the platform’s advanced filters and audience analysis. They can then manage collaborations by tracking and communicating with influencers through the built-in CRM. Affable also allows users to track influencer-generated content in real-time and measure the impact of influencer campaigns through custom reports and analytics.
Core freatures:
Find and analyze influencersManage influencer campaignsTrack influencer storiesMeasure campaign ROIEnsure brand safety
Use case:

Discover influencers for campaigns

Verify audience demographics and authenticity of influencer’s followers

Reach out to influencers and manage campaign communication

Track influencer stories as and when they are uploaded

Measure the ROI of influencer campaigns

Monitor competitor influencer posts

Engage influencers for Shopify stores

Supercharge PR campaigns with influencer marketing

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