Adereso is an omnichannel customer service software that allows businesses to manage WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, and more in one place. It offers automation with artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences.

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how to use:
To use Adereso, first sign up for a free trial account. Once logged in, connect your WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Email accounts to the software. You can then start managing and responding to customer messages from all these channels in a centralized workspace. Adereso also provides features for automation and real-time monitoring of performance.
Core freatures:
Omnichannel management: Centralize customer messages from various channels in one placeArtificial intelligence: Automate processes with natural language conversations using ChatGPTData-driven decision-making: Gain insights into customer friction points and make continuous improvementsIntegration capabilities: Connect with CRM systems like Hubspot and Salesforce, as well as e-commerce platforms like ShopifyQuick response time: Achieve a high level of compliance with SLAsCustomer satisfaction metrics: Monitor CSAT, NPT, Effort Score, and FCRCampaigns: Send mass messages on WhatsAppReal-time statistics: Track operational metricsChat widget: Embed a chat widget on your websiteSocial media management: Handle Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter interactionsEmail management: Professionalize email customer support
Use case:

Improve customer response time by centralizing messages from multiple channels

Make data-driven decisions to enhance customer experiences

Integrate preferred platforms for better efficiency and customer service

Provide excellent customer support on customers’ favorite channels

Handle high message volumes and scale business growth

Increase customer satisfaction by resolving queries quickly

Automate processes to optimize productivity

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