Acobot is an artificial intelligence chatbot that engages with visitors on e-commerce websites, guiding them through the sales funnel and helping them make purchases. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to provide personalized recommendations, answer customer questions, and improve the overall shopping experience.

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how to use:
To use Acobot, simply sign up on the website and follow the setup wizard, which takes approximately 15 minutes. Acobot will then start working on its own, creating content, optimizing performance, and interacting with visitors. You can customize the appearance of the chatbot widget to match your website’s design.
Core freatures:
Assisted Shopping: Helps visitors find products they want, increasing product page views.Lead Generation: Captures leads throughout the shopping process, growing your email list faster.Cart Recovery: Sends AI-generated emails to recover abandoned shopping carts.Email Marketing: Sends behavioral emails that shoppers love to open, read, and click.Discount Coupons: Motivates shoppers to act with personalized and time-limited coupons.Loyalty Program: Retains customers by rewarding them for shopping with your brand.
Use case:

Increasing conversion rate

Reducing cart abandonment

Growing email list

Improving email marketing results

Motivating shoppers to make a purchase

Retaining customers and increasing loyalty

FAQ list:
Is Acobot a chatbot? Is this AI? Can Acobot answer customer questions? Can Acobot replace live chat? Does Acobot work with my lead capture popups? What if I already have newsletters? Can I customize Acobot? What if I don’t see a lift in sales?


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