Spline is a free 3D design software with real-time collaboration that allows users to create interactive web experiences directly in the browser. It provides easy 3D modeling, animation, texture editing, and more.

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how to use:
To use Spline, simply sign up for a free account and log in. Once logged in, you can start creating 3D designs by using the various tools and features provided. You can collaborate with others in real-time by inviting them to join your project and setting individual permissions. Spline also offers tutorials and a community where you can explore examples and learn from other users.
Core freatures:
Web-based real-time collaboration3D modeling with parametric objects and polygonal editingAnimation capabilities for bringing objects to lifeInteractive experiences with enabled interactivityMaterial layers for fine-tuning the appearance of models3D sculpting to create organic shapesReal-time physics simulations and interactionsGame control options for creating 3rd person and 1st person experiencesTeams, projects, and folders for organizing designsExport options for images, videos, and 3D filesCode export for easy integration with React projectsMaterial assets library for managing textures and colorsTemplates library with ready-to-use 3D designs and objects3D vector editing in a 3D spaceCamera controls for scene compositionWeb browser events for creating animations and interactionsDrag and drop interactions without codingVideo textures for adding interactive video layersComponent-based system for creating complex design systems
Use case:

3D object modeling and editing

Creating interactive web experiences

Game design and development

Graphic design and visual effects

Product design and prototyping

Architectural visualization

FAQ list:


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