DevKit is the Essential Developer Toolkit that provides powerful tools for everyday developer needs. It includes DevGPT, an AI assistant for Developers, as well as various mini-devtools to help with tasks such as testing public APIs, querying databases, generating code and interactive art, and more. With over 20,000 developers already using it, DevKit aims to save developers time and boost productivity.

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how to use:
To use DevKit, simply login to the platform. DevGPT can assist you in generating configurations for public APIs, testing APIs, querying databases, and executing code within the chat interface. It supports multiple programming languages and provides features to help in code generation and creative coding. Additionally, DevKit offers a collection of tools, editors, and utilities in one place, reducing the need for switching between multiple apps and websites.
Core freatures:
The core features of DevKit include:
– DevGPT: An AI assistant for Developers
– Testing APIs and generating API configurations
– Querying and visualizing data from databases
– Code execution and code generation
– Creative coding with p5.js tools
– Exclusive community with curated experts and Q&A forum
– Mini-tools for common tasks
– Beautiful and fast utilities
– Integration with popular development languages
– Capture and share creations with screenshots and recordings
Use case:

DevKit is designed to assist developers in various use cases, including:
– Testing and integrating public APIs
– Querying databases in a simplified manner
– Generating code snippets for swift development
– Creative coding and experimenting with art and mini-games
– Collaborating with a community of developers and experts
– Boosting productivity by having all essential developer tools in one place

FAQ list:
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